Double View Bag Scanner

X-ray Inspection System

The NUCTECH™ CX6040D X-ray Inspection System is our new generation dual view dual-energy X-ray inspection machine for hand-held baggage, small checked luggage and parcels.
It employs a dual view design. Images of each view are shown on a dedicated monitor so that dangerous objects and contraband hidden beneath overlapping areas are more likely to be found and located.
The CX6040D stands out with more modern and ergonomic design for efficient and professional X-ray screening. The tunnel dimensions of 620mm width and 420mm height are perfectly suitable for baggage inspection at airports, railway stations, Customs, ports and stadiums, etc.
Combined with unsurpassed operation ergonomics, its reliability and safety can provide excellent image quality and advanced material classification. The CX6040D offers explosive and drug auto detection as options.
  • Explosive

  • Liquids

  • Narcotics

  • Weapons

  • Baggage

Tunnel Dimensions 620mm x 420 mm
Dimension / Weight 2392mm(L) × 1207mm(W) × 1317mm(H)
Scan Speed 0.2m/s
Energy consumption 1.2kVA
Power supply 220VAC / 110VAC (-15%~+10%), 50Hz / 60Hz±3Hz