Strong Supervision
Speedy Response

Customer Value:

A Centralized Supervision Center
A Command & Dispatching Center
A Centralized Inspection Center
A Data Storage Center
An Audit Center
An Integrated Risk Management Center
An Unified Compatibility Data Platform

Solution to State-level Customs Clearance Modernization

Drawing on 30 years’ experience of China customs modernization construction, ViSight establishes a unified national customs E-clearance information operation platform as an overall solution to customs modernization to dissolve problems faced by national customs such as inbound and outbound supervision, tariff collection and smuggling investigation and capture in all directions.

Customs Container Logistics Surveillance System (E-Lock)

Customer Value

  • Transportation regulation: real-time view of tracking, and rapid response to such events as smuggling, forced unpacking, and illegal opening.
  • Efficient customs clearance: sharing of inspection information and smart linkage of checkpoints for improving customs clearance efficiency.
  • Special regulation: customized monitoring scheme for special items such as valuables and fragile items.
  • Reduced costs: optimizing such customs business process as cargo clearance, storage at bonded warehouse, and entry-exit to save the regulation costs for customs and transportation costs for enterprises.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time regulation: real-time view of vehicle tracking and real-time monitoring of the status of goods.
  • Multi-dimensional alarm: alarm of diverged route, alarm of forced unpacking, sensor alarm, and other multi-dimensional alarm
  • Multi-dimensional report: multi-dimensional analysis of violations, travel, and inventory l
  • Rich product line: a variety of intelligent security terminals
  • Image storage: support the storage of data and large files
  • Long duration: duration of up to 10-15 days each time
  • Extreme environment: used in heat, cold, and other extreme environments, and adapting to cross-regional environment

Application Scenarios

  • Customs transit and transit operations
  • Zone for special regulation (bonded area)
  • Other industries: the “Belt & Road” China-Europe freight train, petroleum and petrochemical, and bulk goods logistics

Customs Special Control Area Comprehensive Solution

What is SCA

Customs special control area is a closed area in which special customs supervision systems and policies are implemented for a country or region to attracting foreign investment, expanding export and promoting transit trade. SCA bears multiple functions which includes bonded warehouse storage, processing and manufacturing, international procurement, distribution and delivery, international transit, port operations, etc.


SCA Comprehensive Solution

Nuctech provides integrated comprehensive solution integrating hardware and software with high standard, high intelligence and high integration for SCA .

This solution integrating customs management system, enterprise business declaration system, container inspection system , container radiation detection system , in-transit supervision system, intelligent gate system and video monitoring system, and achieves high efficiency and comprehensive informationized management for enterprises, goods and vehicles in the zone, which helps to build modern intelligent customs and intelligent parks

NCIP——Nuctech Cloud Inspect Platform

Cloud computing + big data + inspection business + intelligent analysis = overall solution of intelligent cloud inspection


By using advanced cloud computing, big data, and intelligent image recognition technology, coupled with customs data, it builds a national customs inspection cloud platform, unifies the storage of massive multidimensional data, and supports the experience sharing of image inspection among users. The multi-modal analysis model based on total amount of data is built to allow for high-concurrency, real-time processing of massive inspection data. It realizes intelligent analysis of scanned images, which can effectively support 100% fast inspection of national customs.


Key Benefits

  • Unified storage of mass data
  • 100% coverage of inspection
  • Self-learning
  • Intelligent image analysis
  • Nationwide experience sharing of image reviewing
  • Centralized processing of multiple types of data

Security solutions for key facilities and core sites


  • Technical architecture adopting the Internet of Things;
  • Seamless connection of X-ray security inspection equipment for cargo, baggage, goods, and humans, etc.;
  • Compatible CCTV, access control, traffic control, and other security equipment, as well as environmental monitoring equipment;
  • Supporting desktop, web, and mobile-side operation, providing a unified user-friendly interface.

Customer value

  • Break down Information Island to achieve integrated application of a variety of data, and tap the potential value of data.
  • Implement unified communications between isolated systems for timely and accurate transmission of information, assisting efficient joint decision-making.
  • Offer an array of terminal accesses and provide unified presentation. It assists mobile regulation and realizes fast response.

Application scenarios   

  • Perimeter security monitoring
  • Indoor location and tracking
  • Entrance/exit security check
  • 360-degree video surveillance
  • Monitoring of regional environmental factors

Target customer groups

  • Airport
  • Port
  • Border defense
  • Prison
  • Chemical plant

Customs Border Modernization

What it is
Based on infrastructure construction, port modernization simplifies and enhances current exit and entry process and clearance procedure to improve port clearance efficiency; combines advanced security technologies to strengthen the whole-process supervision for customs clearance, transportation and so on to make the clearance convenient, intelligent and fast ; employs risk perception and emergency disposal mechanism to check each “risk” and “abnormality” to reduce risks, restrain illegal trade, improve border clearance efficiency and finally promote overall national competitiveness.


Customs Value

  • Monitor Illegal Trade
    Centralized management and intelligent data analysis on national port data help to provide data for risk valuation and decision making to lower illegal trade level
  • Improve Clearance Efficiency
    Automatic management and control of ports simplify foreign trade process and improve clearance efficiency
  • Whole Monitoring on Personnel, Vehicles and Goods
    Establish operation and management mechanisms for personnel, vehicles and goods crossed at border inspection area , and employ a set of unified system to control all aspects
  • Enhance Integrity
    Informationize business management and minimize human intervention to enhance integrity of customs officials